In 1940  The Predecessor of Shanghai Forever Co.,Ltd - Changhe Manufactory

In the autumn of 1940, the predecessor of Shanghai Forever Co., Ltd, namely, Changhe Manufactory, opened up on Tangshan Road in the northeast corner of Shanghai. It was the first bicycle production factory in Shanghai, which covered an area of 23,100 square meters, with construction area of approximately 6,600 square meters, and nearly 200 employees were being hired. The bikes produced at that time were all unanimously 26 inches in size, all of them were black-painted, and were labeled “Iron Anchor” as the brand name. The annual output was about 3000.

In 1952  “Forever”— A rising star in the bicycle industry

By the year 1952, the annual output of ‘forever bicycles ‘has reached 28,767, which accounted for more than one-third of the gross bicycle production across China, thus, the brand has become the brightest “star” in the industry in the Chinese new era.


In 1956   An epoch-making milestone - The first self-designed and manufactured metric calibration bicycle in China’s bicycle industry came out in Shanghai Forever.

At the end of 1956, calibration bicycle was officially put into mass production in Shanghai Forever. The advent of China's first calibration bicycle not only unified the names and specifications of domestic bicycle parts, but also create an environment for the interchangeability and universal use of bicycle parts, marking that the Chinese bicycle industry has begun to embark on a self-designed, self-manufactured road. This pioneering breakthrough has become a milestone in the history of the Chinese bicycle industry.

In 1957  Groundbreaking — the first 26-inch 31 metric light bicycle came out

In May 1957, China's first 26-inch light bicycle came out in Shanghai Forever. The advent of light bicycles filled the gap in the types of bicycles in China, enriched the varieties of domestic bicycles, explored the experience for the development and manufacture of urban bicycles in China, and opened a new world for the bicycle industry in China.

In 1958  The first domestic racing bicycle- 81 Forever road racing bicycle

At the end of 1958, road racing bicycle was successfully manufactured and tested in Shanghai Forever with which the Shanghai team won the team title at the first China’s National Games

In 1962  “The little donkey without eating grass”  the classic heavily- laden bicycle ZA51 was born to the world as “Forever” brand.

In order to produce the bicycles that conform to loading requirement and satisfy much more peasants, the classic heavily-laden bicycle ZA51 was born to the world on May, 1962; which had deeper ties with peasants afterwards and was amiably called “the little donkey without eating grass” by people. This type bicycle can be regarded as pioneer of heavily-laden bicycle with its distinctive Chinese feature in brand “Forever”, which has received the widely good reputation. It is definitely classic and unprecedented masterpiece in bicycle field.

In October 1962  The birth of 102 lightweight motorcycle  

The successful trial-manufacture of the Forever 102 lightweight motorcycle got the award jointly issued by SDPC, SETC and SSTC.

In December 1962  Green Angel — cycles for post and telecommunications units of China’s first generation was born in the Forever.

In 1965  Companion in the military — Made-to-measure cycles for military use was born in the Forever

In 1965, Shanghai Forever Company provided 26-inch cycles of military use to China’s first bicycle company. This special cycle with load capacity of over 200kg helped the company fulfill tasks of goods and materials transportation.

In 1979  Forever stepping into the international arena with its SC67 Road Racing Bicycle 

In 1979, Forever designed and produced the 27-inch 10-speed sports bicycle SC67 by passing safety standard of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to meet the needs of European and US markets. After it was proved to enter the US market, the first exported batch of more than 100,000 bicycles was widely acclaimed. Forever SC67 gained such a strong international awareness that George Herbert Walker Bush, who was the director of the US Liaison Office in China back then, and his wife Barbara took a picture of them riding a Forever bicycle by the Jinshui Bridge at the Tian’anmen Square. By the end of 1989, more than 4 million Forever bicycles had been exported to more than 50 countries and regions including the USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the USSR. 

In 1989  Chinese athlete won the championship of four-men’s 100 kM time trial with Forever SC654 racing bicycle at the 14th Asian Cycling Confederation.

On Decemember 1989 the 14th Asian Cycling Confederation held in New Delhi, India, Chinese athlete won the team championship of four-men’s 100 km time trial with the specially-made Forever SC654 racing bicycle. At that time, athletes from other countries all rode the racing bicycle made in Italy, only Chinese team rode the home-made racing bicycle.

In 1990  Great Asia vigour on the Asian Games.
On the 11th Asian Games, Chinese athlete won the women’s 1000 M time trial championship and team championship with new Forever racing bicycle.

In 1993  Shanghai Forever went public.
Stock abbreviation: Forever; stock symbol: 600818
Stock abbreviation: Forever B share; stock symbol: 900915

In 2001  Zhonglu Group became the shareholder of Forever and started a new chapter of Forever.

In 2002  Forever started the LPG program of fuel gas powered moped.

Shanghai started to replace fuel oil powered mopeds with gas powered ones and Forever was one of the designated gas powered mopeds manufacturers. It produced many new mopeds with various types, models and forms. From 2002 to 2004, Forever was the top seller for 3 consecutive years, Shanghai Forever Bicycle's total sales exceeded 2 million in 2004.

In 2002 The Company obtained the ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification of French BVQI, and the Forever products obtained European CE Certification.
In 2004  The Company held a foundation stone laying ceremony at the “Forever Central Factory” covering 560 acres in No.818 Nanliu Highway, Pudong New District,  "Forever" will further enhance the core competitiveness and unveil  prologue of the company's modern business strategy.
In 2004   Forever bicycles won the “Product Quality Inspection-free Certificate” issued by the China General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.
In 2005  Forever bicycles, electric vehicles and liquefied petroleum gas mopeds were recommended as “Shanghai Famous Brand Products” and “Top 100 Shanghai Famous Brand Products”.
In 2006  Forever Central Factory was fully completed with a construction area of 71,989.3  and a total construction area of 44,991. It has domestic first-rate bicycle manufacturing equipment and a first-class two-wheeled vehicle display site.

In 2006  Forever bicycles were recommended as "The Designated Product of China's National Cycling Teams". 

In 2008  Forever was the first to introduce the public bicycle rental system in China and established a model that the government purchased and supervised services and the enterprises invested the project operation. The first convenience bicycle branch — Zhangjiang High Technology Subway Station was launched and put into operation.
In 2009   The two-wheeler products-Forever bicycle and electric bicycle have won the title of “Shanghai Famous Brand” again.
In 2010 Established the sub-brand of “Forever” — Forever C, which advocates a "light rider" life, and "this is not just a bicycle" to promote its bicycle culture. 
In 2011 The registered trademark- Forever was awarded the "Chinese Time-honored Brand" certificate and bronze medal by the Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China.
In 2013 Forever won the title of Shanghai Famous Trademark again.
In 2014   Shanghai Forever Bicycle Co.,Ltd. won the “Shanghai High-tech Enterprise Certificate”;
         Forever Qingmei, Zhuma and Du-series bamboo bicycle won the "Excellent innovative product award" of 2014 Shanghai Light Industry.
In 2015 The Forever bicycle and electric bicycle won the “Shanghai Light Industry Excellence Brand” of 2014.
In 2016   Shanghai Forever Bicycle Co., Ltd. topped the "Top 100 Growth Capacity" list at the 5th China Light Industry Enterprises Summit and Top 100 Enterprises Awards Ceremony.
In 2017 "Forever Smart Car" enters the ranks of shared bicycles, of which more than 40 patented technologies such as Bluetooth unlocking, electronic parking, and intelligent acceleration are the first in the industry.



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